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Tree Down


Public Works will dispatch crew to remove trees that have fallen from the right of ways into the public streets, which can cause a vehicle hazard or prevent traffic.

The investigator will investigate the request. If the request is accepted and work can be performed, the team will begin work, complete work, notify what work was completed and close the request. If the request is accepted, but work is delayed, the team will notify why the work is delayed, determine when the work can be expected to resume and when work starts follow the same process above. If work request isn't accepted, provide reason why the request isn't accepted. At the conclusion of work, the notification will be closed noting the work has been completed.

To request this city service, you may submit the form below or call 311 Customer Service at 3-1-1 or 210-207-6000. 311 is available seven days a week from 7am-7pm Monday thru Friday and 8am-5pm Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

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