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Pet Surrender


Walk ins are no longer accepted for Owner Surrendered pets. If you are interested in surrendering your pet to Animal Care Services, please send an email to The email should include the owner's contact information, name, address and contact phone number and information on the animal such as age, breed, sex and reason for requesting surrender.

You may also start the owner surrender process online here.

Acceptance of an owner surrendered animal depends on available shelter space and specific conditions/situations regarding the need for surrender. If the shelter has reached capacity or is unable to provide humane housing for your pet, you will be asked to seek alternate arrangements. Please consider contacting one of the ACS approved rescue groups or one of the local animal shelters to see if they can take your unwanted pet.

The following must be done  (once an appointment has been made) prior to coming to the shelter to surrender your pet:

  • Bring a completed Owner Surrender Form with you
  • Bring a valid license or ID 
    (SA Residents Only)
  • Canines must be on a leash
  • Felines must be in a carrier or secured, ventilated container

Please be advised owner surrendered pets become the property of the City of San Antonio immediately upon impoundment. As such, owner surrendered animals may be dispositioned appropriately up to and including adoption, transfer to a rescue group, or humane euthanasia.

Residents of City of San Antonio ONLY (Must show proof with valid ID) : $25 per pet / $25 per litter (under 5 months old) Learn more about Owner Surrender.

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