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Tenant Evictions


Bexar County's suspension of evictions expired June 1, 2020.
Foreclosures: Foreclosure proceedings within Bexar County are temporarily suspended to prevent the displacement of occupants during the public health emergency until July 6, 2020.

Note: You may be issued a notice to vacate by your landlord; however, a notice to vacate is not the same as eviction and doesn't require you to leave your home. It is recommended that you communicate with your landlord on your situation to allow for payment arrangements.

Additional protections may be available to renters through July 24, 2020 under the CARES Act.

  • The CARES Act prohibits landlords of certain rental units from beginning eviction proceedings or charging fees, penalties, or other charges against a tenant for not paying rent.
  • These protections extend for 120 days from enactment -- thru July 24, 2020 -- for any rental residential property that receives federal housing funds, including both public housing and mixed income housing. 
  • The Act prohibits landlords from being able to force a tenant to vacate for nonpayment until July 24, 2020, unless the moratorium has been extended by the federal government, and must still provide the federally-required 30 day notice to vacate whenever the landlord begins eviction actions once the CARES Act moratorium expires: 8/23/20 (i.e., 120 days after enactment, plus 30 days after notice is provided).
  • Tenants who do not pay rent during the eviction grace period may still face financial and legal liabilities, including eviction, after the moratorium ends.

Renters can check the city's new CARES Act Map to find out if they live in a Cares Act property by inputting the physical address.

The Housing Hotline offers free legal advice for residents with housing issues related to Covid-19. Call (210) 570-6135 for assistance. The Housing Legal Advice Hotline, operated by TRLA, St. Mary’s Law School, is a free legal service available to South Texas residents. Callers will receive a call back from a legal resident to gather intake information and schedule an appointment with a legal representative who will provide a 30-minute legal consultation including information, advice, and resources.

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