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American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)


The City Council approved the ARPA Spending Plan allocating with a total spending framework of $212.5 million received from the federal government.  The ARPA spending plan invests millions of dollars to continue domestic violence prevention, emergency housing assistance, aiding small businesses and nonprofit organizations, as well as infrastructure and one-time capital improvements.  The programmatic funds totaling $87.8 million with the Council committee developing desired programmatic outcomes for said funds:

  • Mental Health - $26 Million
  • Youth - $10 Million
  • Digital Inclusion/Literacy - $6.9Million
  • Arts - $5 Million
  • Seniors - $5 Million
  • Non-Profits - $4 Million
  • Small Businesses 30.9 Million

The ARPA spending framework invests $13.8 million in infrastructure. Of this amount $10 million will be allocated to street repair, specifically to address streets with a condition grade of “F” or failing. Each City Council District will receive a funding allocation based on each district’s percentage of total “F” Street centerline miles. The remaining $3.8 million is recommended to support the Citywide bridge program allowing for the re-allocation of $3.8 million from the proposed 2022 Bond Citywide Bridge Program to restore Arts funding at 1.5%.

The City Council also approved allocating $10 million for employee compensation, benefits, and retention. A plan for these funds that incorporates employee input will be presented to City Council as part of the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Process.

Read more about the spending plan and allocations at: